Friday, August 8, 2008

Its official!!

Well friends, it is now official...I am a sworn Deputy Sheriff! And, it happened on the second day of hire! Lets not get too excited though, as I still have to complete the full 10 week academy passing all elements in order to be completely "official". I did arrive home after work today however, with a full bag of goodies! By goodies, I'm talking my new jacket, rain coat, handcuffs, holsters, belts, wands, pager.....and best of all...MY BADGE!!! I will absolutely be taking a picture this weekend and posting the shiny silver star that I am already so proud of! I must admit, the lone thought of being a police officer is rather odd. Well actually...REALLY odd :) I cannot believe I am going to be "one of those." To be quite honest though, I am very excited! I am already intrigued and yearning for more after the little training I have already received so that to me is a great sign. Next week will consist of more paperwork and becoming familiar with the department, and three days worth of firearm training! Woohoo! I get to show them my shooting wish me luck :)

The last two days have gone incredibly well in regards to leaving my little angel. He has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each of this grandma's and according to them both, was "just perfect." I can only hope he is that happy when his nanny starts on the 25th as it will make mommy's long days MUCH easier (although still tough). While difficult to explain, it has definitely been a great feeling working all day, and coming home to such a warming, comforting smile from him.

We have a busy weekend planned ahead - with going to watch "Uncle Mike" in a tractor-pull on Saturday & a few softball games on Sunday. Probably a little shopping thrown in the mix too! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Annie (laughterqueen) said...

Oh yes, you MUST post pictures soon! I wanna see that shiny new badge! CONGRATS!!!!

Laura said...

Officer Hand, I demand pictures in uniform!