Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally some time to RELAX!

With this glorious 3-day weekend, we have finally found a little time to relax and enjoy time together as a family again! :o) Life did a fast 360 not long ago so we cherish any relaxation time we can get these days. To be quite honest, our weekend has been full of down time - especially with football season now here. Despite one ugly season opener...I will still say "Go Hokies!"

I just completed week #2 of the police academy, and it was the best week thus far. I mean, how can you possibly complain when you are getting paid to shoot a gun for 8 hours a day? It was a blast! I do not do it often (nor have the chance) but I am going to toot my own horn for a second and say that I was the HIGHEST (as in highest score) female shooter in my academy class, as well as tied for the highest overall with another male recruit. Definitely surprised, and definitely proud of myself :o)

J.J. is doing wonderful as usual. His new nanny (Christina) started last week and he has seemed to adjust incredibly well as usual. He seems to love her and not miss mommy nor daddy during the day which I suppose is good. Last night before bed, we told J.J. he had to go night night first, and then he was going to get a haircut in the morning (he knows when its haircut time, it is also two-lollipop time too). Hey, bribery works with toddlers quite well! So he woke bright and early this morning and the first thing out of his mouth when he saw daddy was "night night first, haircut, two lollipops." Oh what their little brains can remember!! He was incredibly well behaved and got a fantastic hair cut, as did the whole family!

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